I was going to kill myself tonight due to my species dysphoria and I don’t see an end to it. I decided that early this morning. I mowed the lawn, went to Chile’s with my dad and his girlfriend and my sister. And we went to his girlfriend’s house. She had a mouse that she found. It was stuck in a…

I’m sorry you felt this way today.
I wish there was something I could do. :/


On some “werewolf” forums or interactive roleplaying sites that don’t have an age check or a reality check, you will find a subtle (or not so subtle) “one-upmanship” game being played. The more therian you are, the more cool points you get. There are some corners of the Internet where it’s cool to brag that you are “more were” because OMG I totally lost control and ate the neighbor’s cat LOLZ. Or that you can’t help yourself from growling and snarling at people and getting into fights because you’re so totally wolflike. I don’t think it’s healthy or functional to glorify foolish or harmful or criminal behavior, or really any kind of out-of-control behavior, and that’s usually what we’re talking about when someone is claiming to be elite or “more were than you”.

Reality check: this is not winning. It’s not being elite, or more therian than thou. It’s failing to cope. Ultimately, it’s going to make you a loser in real life, which is a much more serious outcome than not being top dog alpha werewolf on a roleplaying site. Being more mentally and emotionally affected by the condition of therianthropy is not cool, not functional, and certainly not elite. If you are incapable of exercising basic self-control, that’s a disability and a disadvantage, or it’s an indicator of immaturity. The condition of therianthropy doesn’t have to be dysfunctional or a mental illness, but lack of self-control certainly can be.

Learning to cope with therianthropy in a healthy and positive way and developing mature adult self-control is a lot more worthy of being considered cool and admirable. Just having a more serious case of it isn’t particularly cool, especially if it negatively affects your ability to function in the real world. And ultimately that’s where we all have to live.

Savage, in “Interview with a therian”

There were definitively some good points in the writing (and some less good ones also) but this is so relevant to the otherkin tags on Tumblr some days.

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