*Not Therian post*



What do you say to someone if they ask about your self harm?
As in, a way to avoid the question??

Would telling them that it’s an uncomfortable subject for you work or are they perhaps trying to pry?

Most people generally just say things like ‘what happened to your hand’ which isn’t too bad because I can make up a wild story, but when people start to pry, that’s when I have a problem. Thanks for the help, by the way. :)

It’s late but it’s raining outside.
The dark is never absolute here, there’s always some sort of light no matter the time.
I curl up beneath my covers, listening to the water gushing down beyond my bedroom window.
I am safe.
My thoughts slip into a dream.
My small body is curled beneath the cover of a hill, I’m just laying in the dip.
The ground is damp here, but muddy elsewhere.
My ears prick as gusts of wind make the trees rustle, barely audible over the sound of the rain.
I sit in my place, listening for the sound I know will arrive through the endless blackness of night.
A singular howl, multiple notes.
A single wolf.
Senses alert, I prick my ears once more, crane my neck and release a mournful cry from my jaws.
Answering howls echo through the dark, heard even over the loudest gusts of wind and water.
I lay back down in the warmth of my den.
My kin will come for me, this I know.
But for now, I must wait.