There’s a whole lot of negativity in the otherkin tag and that makes me sad.

Like. You don’t have to understand it. But you have no right to say that otherkin are wrong and need to be told they’re human. They already KNOW they are in a human body, but spiritually they’re different.

You have absolutely. No. Right. To tell them that they are wrong.

And it just plain rude to point out that they are human and nothing more than that. Don’t be rude about things you don’t understand.

Yeah, like if you’re insulting them, you probably don’t know how they feel. So shush.




Out of anyone I ever tell about Therians, I will never expect them to understand, or even want to know about it. I get it, that’s too far for some people. But what they have to understand about me is that I fucking hate being human, and while I am perfectly greatful for what I have, I will always…

Don’t worry, you’ll put down delusions with time.

Why thank you for your kind words. :)